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Month: June 2019


IoT Based Asset Tracking Solution

Asset Tracking Blog Overview The purpose of the asset tracking system is to improve workflows, reduce inventory loss, and introduce process optimization to improve overall operational efficiency and productivity. In any asset tracking system, the real-time location information of steady/moving asset…

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AWS Serverless Platform

AWS serverless compute services allow to build and deploy applications on AWS cloud without having to manage the servers. AWS serverless platform enables vendors to deploy cloud solutions without server provisioning, deploying, maintaining and monitoring applications, databases or storage servers. It…

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VOLANSYS recognized as one of the Top 10 Electronics Manufacturing Solution Providers-2019

Santa Clara, California, June 06, 2019 – Manufacturing Technology Insights- a prominent digital magazine covering innovative manufacturing Technology, shop floor management and Top manufacturing solution providers – sharing news, experience and knowledge from the tech and business world, recognized VOLANSYS Technologies as one…

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