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Year: 2019

VOLANSYS IoT services capabilities recognized by Zinnov, positioned in the Established Zone

VOLANSYS, a leading engineering services & solutions provider, was recognized for its capabilities in providing end-to-end IoT products and solutions by Zinnov Zones in its annual ratings titled, “Zinnov Zones for Internet of Things Technology Services-2019”. VOLANSYS was placed in the…

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Key challenges in selecting the right IoT cloud solution for OEM IoT solution needs.

Nowadays billions of internet-connected end devices and IoT hubs are taking place over traditional automation and playing a big role to make human life easier and more comfortable. However, in this process, these devices create tons of data and send them…

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VOLANSYS to exhibit at CES 2020

Santa Clara, CA–[6 December 2019]: VOLANSYS, a preferred IoT Services & Solution provider in the area of Connected Products announces its participation at CES 2020, January 7-10, Suite #30-121, The Venetian, Las Vegas. With 4500+ exhibiting companies, 175K+ attendees and decision influencers from across the…

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VOLANSYS launches IoTify – cloud & mobile app platform

Santa Clara, CA– [15 November,  2019] VOLANSYS, a preferred IoT solutions & services provider company launches IoTify – cloud and mobile app platform to complement its gateway product line. Using IoTify, IoT solution providers and OEMs can build complete IoT solution…

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Selecting Right Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) Technology

The world of ‘Internet of Things’ and its uses across industries are expanding drastically. It is transforming the way human and devices interact with each other, creating market opportunities and enabling change across industries. Continuous enhancements in various technologies make it…

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VOLANSYS to exhibit at Industrial IoT World 2019

VOLANSYS, a preferred IoT Services & Solution provider in the area of connected products, is excited to announce its participation at Industrial IoT World 2019, the global platform bringing together industry’s leading brands and emerging innovators. The event will take place…

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Best Practices for Successful API Test Automation using Postman

API stands for Application Programming Interface which is used to smoothen the interaction between two different application by using any mode of communication. Every time you check the weather or a train time on your smartphone, you’re making use of APIs…

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Z-Wave 700 Series Solution – a leap ahead of its ancestor and a must upgrade for OEMs

Z-Wave is a wireless protocol, primarily used for Home Automation Application. It supports mesh networks to communicate successfully with other devices. Z-Wave has the ability to support 232 devices(nodes) in a mesh network and is a reliable protocol for larger smart…

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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) can lift Productivity of Businesses?

With recent innovations in data storage, analysis and cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence is improving efficiency and performance in businesses. As per Research and Markets report, AI market is projected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 52% till…

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Importance of Code Coverage Tools

The world had witnessed some catastrophic events merely because of the errors in the software. One such incident happened in 2008 where glitches in test coverage practices of baggage handling system software caused cancellation of 500+ flights. Test Coverage is an…

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