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Month: August 2018


Roadmap For Efficient Mobile App Development & Testing

Rapid advancements in mobility solutions has ensured that with basic knowhows about the programming language, one can create a working mobile app. However, creating an app isn’t enough for standing out in the giant and highly competitive app market. There is a lot…

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August_17_ 2018

P4: Programming Networks Forwarding Plane

The pace of innovation in networking world is increasing with the immense growth in IoT devices, increasing data traffic, new protocols and private and public clouds. The future of networking has gone beyond that of separating data and control planes for…

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Packet Level Network Telemetry – Broadening The Monitoring Horizons Of Software Defined Networks (SDN)

“Evolution is Inevitable”, it is a basis of the present and obviously will be for the coming future, so let us talk a bit on Network Telemetry evolution against the evolving world of SDN!With the increasing demands, enterprises and data centers…

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